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Highest quality custom-made magnification loupes and lighting systems for dental, medical and veterinary professionals.

Making the RIGHT CHOICE!

  • Your vision is essential. What you see determines how well and how comfortably you can do your work.
  • Working at the right distances and in the right positions are necessary to get the most fulfillment from your practice.
  • With this in mind, ExamVision set out to make the perfect loupes!

A finished product with PERFECTION AS A GOAL!

Every ExamVision through-the-lens [TTL] loupe is a custom made product from start to finish. Your Synca specialist will discuss your needs and ensure that you have the best possible products to meet your work, ergonomic and lighting goals. Then the ExamVision team of optometrists and opticians process every order to ensure that your loupes will manufactured precisely to your specifications.

  • Highest quality components from Denmark, Germany and Japan
  • Perfect blend of optics, materials, design
  • A custom manufacturing process with attention to detail
  • Optimal Fit, image magnification, brightness and clarity, balance and ergonomics

All ExamVision loupes are hand crafted in an immaculate worker-friendly environment on the island of Samso, Denmark. Synca is the authorized distribution partner and service center in Canada.
45 days


Members of ExamVision team in Samso, Denmark


2012: ExamVision Sports Frame
2010: ExamVision Cosmo Frame

The only loupes to receive the prestigious Reddot Design Award in life sciences and medicine, in honor of outstanding design quality and trendsetting.


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“WOW! Amazing quality optically and build quality. Feels and looks very solid. Images are crystal clear without aberrations or blurriness . Only thing I had to adjust was the nose pads to fit my Asian facial features. I love the adjustable working distance capability for standing and sitting procedures that Kepler system provides, but depth of field of the 3.5x is long enough that I don't have to adjust it for every procedures. Compared to other brands that I have looked at (Design for Vision, Orascoptic, Surgitel, and Univet), ExamVision is definitely at the top in my opinion. I was a little apprehensive buying a set of loupes without trying them on first, but I think I made the right choice. I think the extra cost of the loupes is well justified. I just want to thank Synca for being patient and answering all my questions in a timely manner (over 40 emails! total!). I will definitely recommend ExamVision to my colleagues looking for loupes and if I am in a market for another set, I won't hesitate to order from Synca again. Thank you.”

Dong H Lee, DDS Candidate 2015, New York, NY
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