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Highest quality custom-made magnification loupes and lighting systems for dental, medical and veterinary professionals.

Making the RIGHT CHOICE!

  • Your vision is essential. What you see determines how well and how comfortably you can do your work.
  • Working at the right distances and in the right positions are necessary to get the most fulfillment from your practice.
  • With this in mind, ExamVision set out to make the perfect loupes!

A finished product with PERFECTION AS A GOAL!

Every ExamVision through-the-lens [TTL] loupe is a custom made product from start to finish. Your Synca specialist will discuss your needs and ensure that you have the best possible products to meet your work, ergonomic and lighting goals. Then the ExamVision team of optometrists and opticians process every order to ensure that your loupes will manufactured precisely to your specifications.

  • Highest quality components from Denmark, Germany and Japan
  • Perfect blend of optics, materials, design
  • A custom manufacturing process with attention to detail
  • Optimal Fit, image magnification, brightness and clarity, balance and ergonomics

All ExamVision loupes are hand crafted in an immaculate worker-friendly environment on the island of Samso, Denmark. Synca is the authorized distribution partner and service center in Canada.
45 days


Members of ExamVision team in Samso, Denmark


2012: ExamVision Sports Frame
2010: ExamVision Cosmo Frame

The only loupes to receive the prestigious Reddot Design Award in life sciences and medicine, in honor of outstanding design quality and trendsetting.


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“I am loving my Exam Vision loupes! Excellent product. They provided a great fit with minimal need for adjustments once I received them. I found them very easy to adapt to, even for a first time loupe user! The large field of view made it so easy for my eyes to accommodate right away. The light weight design allows me to wear them all day comfortably. The look and build is of quality, and I feel they are very discrete and fashionable at the same time. Overall experience with Synca/Robert was excellent; prompt, friendly, and helpful product support with optically knowledgeable staff. I firmly believe these loupes offer an excellent value for the cost. Thank you Synca/Robert for an excellent product and service….which is harder and harder to find these days!”

Dr. Garfield Kirchner, Enderby, BC

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“I am a difficult 'fit' for loupes even though I have worn various loupes for more than 25 yrs. Kudos to the tireless efforts of your sales rep Hapi Randhawa for succeeding in fitting me with your excellent optics at a higher power and providing prompt and professional support during the adaptation period. Your battery and light source are also excellent.”

Dr. Dale Nixon, Toronto, ON

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“I own two pairs of loupes from ExamVision; the first pair is a Galilean 2.8x (with Prisma Lens System), and the second pair is a Kepler Kompakt 4.6x. I also have the Focus 4500 light, which in my opinion, is a hidden gem amongst ExamVisions LED lineup. The Keplers are on their way yet, but I have much to say both about the products I currently own as well as the customer service experience I have had. First of all, the Galilean 2.8 with Prisma Lens System (PLS) are by far the best loupes I've ever tried or owned. They make every procedure more comfortable, and my head tilt is beyond optimized because of the combination of PLS and the steep declination angle. The field of view and depth of field are so large that I see the entire oral cavity in focus, plus the surrounding peri-oral tissues. I use them for everything, including surgery and exams. The clarity is impeccable, and the frames are great, too (large sport frame).

The focus 4500 light is an absolute delight to work with as well, as it has a very natural colour of light while maintaining a reasonable level of brightness for most procedures. The only thing that may require a brighter light source would be socket inspection or endodontics, in my opinion. And it's true what they say - this light does NOT cure composites! (I work with Filtek Supreme Ultra). I've never had any issue with accidental curing, and I spend a LOT of time shaping my composites. I'm looking forward to the arrival of my Kepler Kompakt loupes for more demanding restorative procedures and endodontics.

I also would like to commend the incredible customer service that was demonstrated to me both by Hugo Matasol and Robert Beauchamp. While I was at Pacific Dental Conference, both spent an incredible amount of time, despite how crazy busy they were, helping me choose what loupe was best for me (I am picky and indecisive, so kudos to their patience). Hugo was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Robert spent a lot of time with me, even after I had paid, explaining many useful tidbits about ergonomics and magnification philosophy in general. This, in spite of a line-up of customers waiting to speak to him, was impressive. Clearly, both these gentleman are passionate about what they do, and value each and every customer. Deal with these two, and you will be treated like gold. Thank you ExamVision and Synca!”

Dr. Michael Wenzel, Medicine Hat, AB

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“My experience with Hugo and Synca Dental has been nothing but bending over backwards for the client. On that basis I have been promoting Hugo as a service rep. Most other Dental Suppliers who sell loops / magnification provide zero service after delivery. That is not the case here. The after service sales is a 5 Star Caliber. And of course Hugo has his DDS and Masters in Ortho so his appreciation about our needs is very acute. Thank you Hugo for your care for my needs.”

Dr. Frank Giesbrecht, Calgary, AB

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“Loupes are great. Better than others in the market in many aspects (appearance, lightness). I enjoy using them for every single procedure I do. Besides, very professional and outstanding customer service and support.”

Dr. Jaime S. Guerrero, Toronto, ON
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